Why is Physical Fitness Important?

Why is Physical Fitness Important?

Why is physical fitness important is probably a question you won’t pay much attention to until your body starts to experience pains in the muscles and stiffness at the joints.

Why do you want to keep as fit physically as possible? To be able to move around free of pain later in life. And “later” don’t necessary means in the 60’s or 70’s, some people develop ache and pains as early as in their 40’s.

As I have been doing work sitting behind a desk most of the time, I just recently discover the important of getting physical. My shoulders start to lock, neck stiff, pain and numbness is running down the arms and the legs, my feet are always cold, shortness of breath climbing only one flight of stairs, all result from lack of physical activities.

The human body is a motion machine. It is designed to move, so we need to physically move it in order to stay healthy. Aches and pains are from lack of movement designed for specific body parts. Arms are designed for many other functions and movements besides just pecking away at the keyboard most of the time. Legs are for running, walking besides just sitting. Sitting for too long affects blood circulation, and you feel it on your feet and hands. Lack of motion or physical movement can lead to many other ailments. Motion is very crucial to the body’s operation overall welfare.

Unfortunately, we are living in a modern environment when most works can be performed sitting down or standing in place. While it provides us with many amenities, at the same time, it is ripping off our health. We don’t use our body parts as they were intended. We travel around by riding in cars or buses; even it is only 2 short blocks away, instead of walking. We mow our lawn riding on the lawn mower, instead of pushing the cutter by arms. We use the remote control to operate the TV or home theater set, so we don’t even have to get off the couch.

We are keeping touch with friends and family through the Internet or telephone rather than actually go to each other’s house and pay a visit. We no longer walk or run sufficiently enough to stay in shape, or at least stay pain free. The more we move, the more we are capable of moving, and, obviously, the less we move, the less we are capable of moving. When you feel the muscle or joint pain, it is simply a warning sign, signaling danger of acute motion starvation. Muscle functions are retained only through enough use. Our body craves physical motion. There is no artificial replacement to movement. You just have to do it yourself.

As I was learning about the important of physical fitness, I realize that no matter how busy your schedule is, you have to take time to exercise, do garden work, play with the kids, play a game of sport, dancing…. whatever that get you moving, if you want to enjoy life to the fullest, healthy, full of energy, with no aches or pains. It will pay off when you grow older, in a big way. After all, who would enjoy an aching body, 24 hours a day?

Staying motivated on your physical fitness goals might be a problem or you simply call it quit. Reading this e-book from the expert and testimonials from people who have transformed their fitness level has helped me stay focus and steadily achieving my own goal of physical fitness.

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